Common Features of Heated Mattress Pads

Common Features of Heated Mattress PadsThere are many electric products designed to keep you warm at night, but most of them are designed to be slept under, not on. A heated mattress pad is an extremely safe and innovative product that fits properly to your mattress with the fitted sheet stretched over it. This prevents it from becoming bunched up, which can result in overheating, as a heated blanket might. But safety isn't the only great benefit of these products. Read on to learn more why heated mattress pads are ever growing in popularity.

Control the heat

Heated mattress pads are controlled by a temperature dial that allows you to find the perfect amount of heat to keep you warm at night. It is easily adjustable to help you fall asleep faster on nights that are warmer or cooler.

Dual comfort zones

On larger varieties, such as full, queen and king, they are available with dual comfort control zones. This way both you and your partner can find the perfect sleeping temperature every single night.

Automatic shut off

Modern heated mattress pads are designed with an automatic shut off feature to ensure that they don't overheat. This is one safety measure that many other electric sleep aids don't incorporate.

Soft to sleep on

Since you are sleeping on top of this product it is important that it is soft and comfortable to lay on. That's exactly what they are. They also operate with near silence, ensuring you're aren't bothered by a buzzing noise.


One of the great things about many mattress pads is that they are washable. While they generally won't get dirty if used under the fitted sheet, it is nice to know that they can be hand or machine wash, depending on the model.

To learn more about heated mattress pads you should reach out to Electrowarmth. For decades we have been manufacturing heated mattress pads in Ohio and shipping them all over the country. Give us a call at (855) 478-7899 to have your questions answered or to place an order for a heated mattress pad today.

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