Great Benefits of a Heated Mattress Pad

Great Benefits of a Heated Mattress PadHave you been struggling to fall asleep after crawling into bed? Are you waking up with muscle aches or a general feeling of restlessness? A solid night of sleep is necessary for overall health and to ensure the following day is productive. A great sleep aid that can help ensure these things is a heated mattress pad, one which you sleep on, not under, like a heated blanket. Here is how a heated mattress pad can help you get the rest you crave.

Relaxes Muscles

As heat radiates from underneath you all night long your muscles will be able to fully relax. This will help rid your body of knots in your back, legs, arms, shoulders, neck and other key areas throughout your body.

Induces Sleep

Heat is proven to help lull people to sleep. A heated mattress pad with an adjustable thermostat will help you find the perfect sleeping temperature without having to worry about uncomfortable wires or slipping blankets.

Works with Adjustable Beds

If you use an adjustable bed you will be happy to know that a quality mattress pad is available for you bed as well. This will only add to your comfort! Additionally, larger mattress pads have dual zone controls, ensuring that partners are able to keep their side of the bed at the perfect temperature for them.

Safe to Use

Mattress pads are incredibly safe, as long as you purchase one from a time tested company. Make sure the mattress pad you select has automatic shut off should it be bent or malfunction.

Lowers Heating Costs

One amazing things about mattress pads is that they can help reduce your home's heating cost. Why heat the whole house when you really only need your bed heated up to get the night of rest you're looking for? A mattress pad can lower an annual heating bill by 15 percent or more, paying for your investment time and time again.

If you want a heated mattress pad in Ohio, or anywhere in the USA, reach out to ElectroWarmth. Since 1939 we have been manufacturing American made heated mattress pads for king, queen, full, twin and single beds. When it comes to heat in your bed, sleep on it, not under it! Give us a call toll free at (855) 478-7899 to request more information or to place an order for yours today.

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