Why Buy a Heated Mattress Pad from ElectroWarmth

Why Buy a Heated Mattress Pad from ElectroWarmthAre you searching for the best night of warm sleep? Are you tired of the cords associated with your heated blanket, which constantly falls off? You need to try a heated mattress pad, which is something that you sleep on, not under. Heated mattress pads from ElectroWarmth are designed to be held in place by your heated mattress pads, protecting it from soil, and lending itself to warm you from the bottom, as your body lays on it. Here are five reasons to buy a heated mattress pad from ElectroWarmth, and start sleeping better tonight.

Years of Experience

ElectroWarmth has been manufacturing heated mattress pads since 1939. With More nearly 80 years of experience, this team has perfected its products, and they continue to refine them to keep up with modern technology.

Made in America

It is important to recognize that ElectroWarmth manufactures all of its products in Ohio. This includes their mattress pads, their 12 volt bunk warmers and their heated mattress pads.

Maintenance Free

Since these pads are designed to be held in place under the fitted mattress pads they don't require washing that often. Nor do they need any other types of maintenance to ensure their electrical components continue to work.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

When you purchase a heated mattress pad from this company you will be given 30 days to find out if you really enjoy it or not. If you are not satisfied you can simply send it back for a complete refund.

One Year Warranty

Aside from the 30 day guarantee, you will also be given a one year warranty for your purchase. While many ElectroWarmth products that were sold more than 40 years ago are still in use today, they still back their products up with a great warranty offer.

ElectroWarmth is your source for heated mattress pads. They're made in Ohio, and we sell them all over the country. To learn more about our products or to place an order for a heated mattress pad give us a call at (855) 478-7899 today.

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