Why Choose a Heated Mattress Pad Over a Heated Blanket

Why Choose a Heated Mattress Pad Over a Heated BlanketThe debate between a heated mattress pad and a heated blanket has been at the forefront of a good night's rest for decades. We're here to give you five reasons why a heated mattress pad is sure to provide you with a much better sleep, and potentially save you a few dollars on your heating bill. If you have any questions about this, you're encouraged to contact ElectroWarmth for additional information about heated mattress pads.

Better Insulation

When you use a heated mattress pad you sleep on top of it, with a normal blanket above you. Heat rises, which means, since the blanket is on top of you, much of it escapes into the air above you. Since you sleep on top of a mattress pad, that heat is trapped by you and the blanket you're using, keeping you warmer all night long.

Safety Reasons

Heated mattress pads lay flat and many utilize an automatic shut off. A heated blanket can get scrunched up, kicked off the bed, and represent a number of possible safety issues. Simply put, a heated mattress pad is safer than a heated blanket.

Easy to Control

Heated mattress pads from ElectroWarmth use simple controls that help to raise and lower the temperature of the pad. You're sure to find the perfect temperature with a heated mattress pad from ElectroWarmth.

Low Maintenance

A heated mattress pad can go underneath the fitted sheet on your bed. This means it is highly unlikely to get dirty, barring any accidents. A heated blanket will need to be washed much more often.

Save Money

Since a heated mattress pads keeps you warm at night you will be able to keep the thermostat down. This helps you save money on your HVAC bills.

If you're still on the fence about which one to use, give ElectroWarmth a call at (855) 478-7899 to learn more. Our made in America heated mattress pads, which are manufactured in Danville, Ohio, will lull you to sleep!

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