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Auto Maintenance ServicesIf you are searching for the perfect night of rest, you don't need a new mattress, you need a new heated mattress pad. ElectroWarmth heated mattress pads radiate heat from underneath your body, allowing heat to rise into you, unlike a heated blanket, which can allow much of the heat it produces to escape the confines of your bed and body. Our made-in-Ohio heated mattress pads help you fall asleep faster, all while providing much needed heat for tired muscles, allowing them to rejuvenate overnight. Don't put up with another night of restless sleep, call ElectroWarmth to place an order for a heated mattress pad for any size bed.

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The type of comfort provided by the radiating heat from an ElectroWarmth heated mattress pad is equivalent to soaking in a warm bathtub. It soothes pain from a hard day of work, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other aches. Its easy to use comfort control feature ensure you can attain the perfect temperature for you! It features a fast warm up time, helps keep bedding dry from nightly perspiration and has undetectable heating elements, all contributing to restful sleep.


Electrowarmth products feature built in safety measures that automatically shuts the heating element off should bending or overheating occur. You can sleep soundly knowing your family is getting a warm, safe night or sleep.


Not only do our heated mattress pads offer an automatic ten hour shut-off, quick warm-up times and a quiet operation, but our larger models feature dual comfort zones. All full, queen and king size pads are available with individual controls for each side of the bed, so that both you and your partner can get to sleep at the perfect temperature.

Money Saving

30/60/90K MaintenanceOur time tested designs allow you to turn down the thermostat, saving you money on your heating bill. You can save upwards of 15 percent of your annual heating bill by using a heated mattress pad from ElectroWarmth. You also don't have to worry about laundering costs, as our pads are designed to be fitted in place, under the sheet, protecting them from soiling.

If you want a peaceful night of rest at the perfect temperature, you need to sleep on it, not under it. To order a heated mattress pad in Ohio or elsewhere, give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call toll free at (855) 478-7899. We will be happy to help you find the perfect product that will allow you a perfect night of rest.

Hello everyone at ElectroWarmth, I am contacting you in regards to your products. I did some research on Electric Blankets and Mattress Heat Pads. I was very surprised to find out a Mattress Heated Pad was the way to go versus a Electric Blanket. I did buy a highly recommended brand at Amazon.com over yours till i received the product from Amazon that was ranked Number#1 by sales and customers. I unboxed the product called Soft Heat Brand to my astonishment the product proved to be very cheaply manufactured in CHINA Yes CHINA. I ended up sending it back the next day to Amazon.com. I say to the products coming out of China they are not what they say they are and what pisses me off the most they are still charging more if not the same as an American made product that is way better. The people of the United States better get their heads in the game and get the word out to every American Citizen buying this so called Made in China Crap that they are still paying a premium price for this junk. Anyway i did purchase your made in America Queen Size Heated Mattress Pad with the Single Controller and let me tell you this Mattress Heated Pad works like a dream on my New Tempur Pedic Contour Supreme Queen Adjustable bed i purchased not that long ago. I would not be without it especially with this Cold Winter this year where i live in the eastern part of Montana the Temps have been in the 20 and 30 below Zero Range lately.
~ Happy Client



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