12 Volt Bunk Warmers in Danville, OH

12 Volt Bunk Warmers in Danville, OHBunk warmers from ElectroWarmth are a trucker's best aid when it comes to getting a restful night of rest after a long day on the road. But they aren't just for professional long-haul drivers. Our 12 volt bunk warmers are the perfect addition to any motorhome or camper, boat or other recreational vehicle in which you may find yourself wanting to take a nap or catch a full night of sleep. Our twin size bunk warmers plug into your 12 volt cigarette lighter and are placed on top of your mattress, giving you a warm, dry place to lay your head, all while giving your back and leg muscles much needed heat for ultimate relaxation. There is no need to keep your engine idling, which means no more engine noise, vibration or exhaust fumes! Call ElectroWarmth to order your bunk warmer, and get ready for great sleep on the go.

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Semi Truck Bunk Warmer

Truck drivers spend hours upon hours on the road, often leaving their muscles stiff. A bunk warmer that plugs into your truck's cigarette lighter is the perfect way to ensure that you are able to achieve a great night of rest. Our bunk warmers help reduce moisture in your bed that results from general overnight perspiration, to keep you warm and cozy. This fuel saving device prevents you from having to idle your engine to keep the heat on, which also reduces noise, vibration and emissions.

RV/Motorhome Bed Warmer

RV/Motorhome Bed WarmerElectroWarmth 12 volt bunk warmers are perfect for campers, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles. You will never sleep better while you're on the go. Our bunk warmers utilize exclusive technology for automatic comfort control that adjusts heat in the bunk based on any changes in temperature in the vehicle.

Boat Bed Warmer

Getting out in the boat is great. Trying to fall asleep in a damp and often chilly environment is not. If your boat bunk doesn't quite fit the bill as a place you'd want to hit the hay you ought to lay down on an ElectroWarmth 12 volt bunk warmer. This is just the item you need to make your boat bed a peaceful place to catch some Zs.

12 Volt Bunk Warmer Features

12 Volt Bunk Warmers in Danville, OHElectroWarmth bunk warmers utilize several unique features to provide drivers and recreational enthusiasts with the sleep they crave while on the road or the waves. The low amp draw ensures that there is no starting problems with your vehicle, including semi trucks. A unique automatic comfort control thermostat regulates heat based on the selectable settings, and continually adjusts the heat of the bunk based on changes in the cab temperature. All bunks are hand washable and come with a full one year warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Call ElectroWarmth at (855) 478-7899 to place an order for a 12 volt bunk warmer in Ohio or throughout the United States. We can't wait to help you get the best night of sleep possible after covering miles and miles of highway.



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